‘The Daily Show’ Announces A Bracket Of Their Own To Determine The ‘Greatest’ Trump Tweet Of All Time

Since it’s March and most folks are currently deep in determining their perfect bracket for the NCAA’s March Madness tournament, it’s the job of the rest of the media to attach itself to your interests and gain a little bit of that magic. That’s why The Daily Show is working their Third Month Madness bracket and using it to find out something most of us have probably wondered since June 16, 2015: what is the greatest Donald Trump tweet of all time.

The 2015 date is probably being kind since Trump has used Twitter for much longer than his campaign for president. But now that he’s the leader of the nation and we can’t seem to escape his influence over the media, finding out his greatest tweet is a national interest. There’s so many possibilities, so many matchups that could be impossible to determine, and even a few upstarts that we might’ve forgotten over the years.

Much like the real bracket, The Daily Show has broken this down into four very different sections. It could be easy to combine celebrities and enemies into one area, but you’d really be doing yourself a disservice. There’s enough for both. The government affairs section might be the most frightening of the bunch depending on how you view the president, mostly because he seems dead set on conducting most of his business publicly on the social media platform. You won’t see him travel overseas as much during his administration because he can just tweet at them.

The best of the bunch might be the WTF because it’s really the worst of the worst (or best of the best if you love the guy) and where he talks about 9/11 and Barney Frank’s nipples. It’s truly a weird bunch, but perfect for a bracket like this.

You can head on over to the Third Month Mania website to start voting now and keep track of the results over the next few weeks. Which tweet will reign supreme?

(Via The Daily Show)