The Dream Of The ’90s Is Alive At Marvel: ‘Spider-Man 2099’ Returns In July

Comics in the ’90s have a lot to answer for: Grimdark as an adjective, the near constant death of beloved heroes, and Rob Liefeld. But there were some good parts, and Marvel’s oddball but endearingly fun cyberpunk stories in the 2099 line still hold up as fun comics. And now, it looks like Spider-Man 2099 is coming back. Just without the 2099 part.

For those not following Spider-Man, the oddly named Miguel O’Hara came to our time to prevent his darkest timeline from occurring, and is now more or less stuck with us. So, since he’s here, he may as well try to improve the future. Or at least that’s the plan, according to the press release Marvel sent us:

Stranded in the present day after the events of the New York Times best-selling Superior Spider-Man series, Miguel O’Hara must come to terms with living in the year 2014. Undercover in the employ of mega-corporation Alchemax, he’ll attempt to change the course of his future and prevent the rise of one of his greatest villains!

The second part of that equation is the art, courtesy of Will Sliney. They couldn’t get Rick Leonardi, as he was too busy working at DC, so, yeah. Somewhat awkward.

Anyway, this is fairly exciting, if for no other reason than Miguel is a fun character. Admittedly, aside from his poisonous bite and stabby hand talons, he’s not that different from Original Recipe Spidey, but hey, it’s about the nostalgia, right? Spider-Man 2099 returns in July.

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