The ‘Evil Dead’ Red Band Trailer Delivers The Gore, Skimps On The Humor And Personality

“I’m usually so much hotter than this. Seriously, I don’t know what they’ve done to me…”

So yup, there’s definitely no stopping it now — the Evil Dead remake now has a trailer and everything, and well, this definitely isn’t going to be a sanitized PG-13 trip into the woods. The first trailer is oozing with gore and icky imagery. Unfortunately it also seems to completely lack the quirky style and sense of humor that made Sam Raimi’s original movies memorable. Even during bits that pay homage to the original movies (like the shot of the blonde girl chainsawing her own arm off) there’s just no fun to any of it.

It is amusing that they needed five actors to replace one Bruce Campbell, with all of Ash’s signature moments being spread evenly amongst the cast. Also, man, is this movie squandering Jane Levy (aka younger, cuter Emma Stone) or what? I could barely pick her out of the trailer. Why would they dye her hair black?

Okay, okay, I’ll stop bitching for a moment so you can watch the trailer. Be forewarned, there’s no boobs or anything, but it’s gross enough that you probably don’t want to watch it at work…

Hmmm, why it’s almost as if Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell decided to make a competent (but not particularly memorable) horror flick that would bring in a few bucks based on the Evil Dead name, but intentionally left the style and humor out so the movie wouldn’t eclipse the originals in any way. Sam Raimi — great director, incredibly hacky producer. Well, except for Xena obviously.

via The Film Stage