The Fifth Indiana Jones Movie Is Closer To Reality Than We Thought

When Disney bought Lucasfilm, they bought it for Star Wars, but the deal came with Indiana Jones. And in fact Disney moved quickly to lock up the rights to future Indy movies. The House of Mouse has been extremely tight-lipped about what they’re going to do with Indy, and mostly what we’ve been hearing are vague but terrifying casting rumors. But a fifth Indy movie is apparently a lot closer than we thought.

How do we know? Because Variety, in the middle of a piece about Oscar-winning cinematographer Janusz Kaminski teaching a bunch of online courses, stated it was his next project. Hey, Variety! This is what we call “burying the lede”!

This means an Indy movie isn’t just kinda sorta being talked about, it means it’s happening, and soon. Kaminski is one of the most sought-after cinematographers in Hollywood, and you don’t generally sign a cinematographer on vague promises of “Oh, we might make it sometime.” Generally you’ve got a script and a director in place for these things, and Kaminski tends to be Spielberg’s preferred cinematographer.

So… who’s playing Indy? It’s probably not Ford, considering his misadventures on the Star Wars: Episode VII set. We know it’s not Robert Pattinson. But we suspect we’re going to find out soon.