The Fight Of The Century Involves A Teen Girl Throwing A Shovel At Her Friend

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05.05.14 48 Comments
shovel fight


When Deadpsin’s Tom Ley calls the video below “the best comedy and action movie of the year,” he’s not kidding. There’s so much to dissect, so many questions that demand to be answered — if some young hot shot professor isn’t already putting together a syllabus for Girl Gets Hit with Shovel During Fight 101, he or she is doing Harvard a disservice. OK, let’s begin with:

1. Are the girls friends? This is important, because the first few minutes of the video look more like a white-trash pool party, minus the pool, than the scene of the Fight of the Century.

2. Was anyone pleasantly surprised that when one of the girls said “the black one got killed, I guess,” she was referring to chicken, not people?

3. Sweatpants and four girls on their cell phones — this is the apocalypse, isn’t it?

girl fight phones

4. I’ve figured it out: this is stealth marketing for Winter’s Bad 2 the Bone, isn’t it?

5. Not a question, but…


HAHAHAHHAAHA. We’ll figure this out guys. Somehow. #TeamShovel #TeamMitten.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the video has been removed for violating YouTube’s terms of service. But we’ll always have the above GIF. And OUTSTANDING REMIXES. Now with the Grand Theft Auto V treatment.

Via Deadspin

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