The Filmmaker With a Bionic Eye

06.14.10 8 years ago


Canadian filmmaker Rob Spence lost one eye in a shooting accident (Red Ryder BB gun?).  But, instead of going the boring glass eye route, he and some friends build a clear acrylic eye that houses a small video camera, circuit board, video transmitter, and 3V rechargeable battery.  Since the battery only runs for about 90 minutes, there are also two small holes in the eye for wires to recharge the battery via his laptop’s USB port. Now he’s calling himself Eyeborg (not to be confused with the sure-to-be-blockbusting movie Eyeborg starring El Danny Trejo).

Spence loves to ham it up as Eyeborg, installing a red, laser-like LED light in one version of the prototype and pulling on a 1970s track suit to become Steve Austin (see the video below). But he’s serious about using his camera eye to get internet users to view the world through his eye, and is developing an Eyeborg app that may feature augmented reality functions. [IEEE Spectrum]

I know what you may be wondering.  Is it safe to have a battery in an eye socket and wireless signals inside the skull, and might someone see the glowing red eye, think he’s the Terminator, and throw a bucket of liquid nitrogen at him?  And why would someone be carrying around a bucket of liquid nitrogen?  Isn’t that totally unsafe?  All fair questions, but you’re forgetting one thing:  bionic eye.  Bionic freakin’ eye.  My bucket of liquid nitrogen and I rest our case.

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