The Final Nine Stinkers On Our Star Trek Bracket

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03.23.12 13 Comments

This image was inspired by the thread before, and we just had to include it.
We needed nine more stinkers for our “Worst Star Trek” Bracket and you delivered. Oh God did you ever deliver.
Here are the final nine, and if you need a refresher, the previous twenty-three are right here.
A few notes: we ruled out “Patterns of Force” just because as bad as it is, it’s not as bad as some of the other TOS episodes that we already had on the list. “Fascination”, DS9’s take on “The Naked Now”, was pretty bad, but we still think the other DS9 episodes suggested were worse. And “Enterprise” is underrepresented because, as we found out, pretty much nobody watched it past, at best, “A Night In Sickbay”. But that didn’t mean Voyager didn’t get a few more nominees!
Tune in Monday: the fun starts with the bracket then.

Porky The First and The Amazing Dougie were just two of many voices suggesting this dog. By the way, this marks three out of five series finales to make the bracket.
Clown Hammer pointed out this gem, where we have to figure out how anybody could tolerate Kes, or believe she was a tyrannical despot.
Fadeproof suggested this one, where Quark plays games with the crew’s lives. It was their tenth episode: it’s amazing the show survived it.
catd points out even Kate Mulgrew hated this episode. And with reason.
SilentPanda pointed out this turkey, featuring Odo and Kira whining at each other while Jake and Nog figure out how to get a Ferengi into Starfleet. Anybody notice that Trek doesn’t do well with “bottle” episodes?
Erswi dug out this one, which features Data mistaken for a sun god and Brent Spiner’s most difficult effort to keep from laughing during a take.
Numbersix voted for this one, wherein we discover Janeway values a race of egregious buttheads more than she values Seven of Nine.
Another suggestion from Fadeproof, made for obvious reasons.
And last but not least, Captain Ned found this wannabe horror turkey for us. The sad thing is that the original Robert Bloch story it’s based on is really good. The other sad thing is that Robert Bloch actually wrote this episode, from his own work, and it’s still awful.

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