The Five Best Non-Mario Goomba Stomps

Ah, the Goomba Stomp. It’s been with us since the 8-bit era: taking out an enemy by jumping on his head. Sure, all the Mario knockoffs made use of it, but we really prefer the ones where you don’t expect dropping on an enemy from above to work, and yet it does. Sometimes spectacularly. Here are five of our favorites.

Double Goomba Stomp from Battle Pope on Vimeo.

Team Fortress 2 lends itself to some hilariously insane mods, but the Goomba Stomp turns out to be the most effective. Especially at dropping the Heavy/Medic combo.

OK, so “Killing Floor” is a little obscure, but you have to love the “Ow! Ow! OW!” sounds this guy makes as somebody bounces on his head with a chainsaw.

I think we finally found a more humiliating way to kill people in an FPS than teabagging.

No kidding: you get the achievement “My Brother Is An Italian Plumber” if you pull this off. It makes killing all those damn spider-ants much more satisfying.

Yes, you really can goomba stomp the cops in Mirror’s Edge. It’s actually incredibly handy…although it does make you wonder why they felt Mario had to become a first-person game with an Asian woman climbing buildings.