First Look: Wentworth Miller As Captain Cold ‘The Flash’

It’s pretty hard to think of a villain more actively beloved among nerds than Captain Cold, and for excellent reason. Geoff Johns took an unremarkable villain and gave him a lot of texture and personality, making him essentially a working stiff with a cryo weapon. Some were concerned that CW’s take on the Flash was going to turn him into the Blizzard or something, so leave it to Johns to roll out the character’s new look. And yes, he has a parka.

Johns posted two images of Wentworth Miller in full cold gear to his Instagram, and, well, see for yourself:

Just for comparison, here’s the original Captain Cold. We can’t blame them for ditching the furry parka and boots, we have to admit, or for avoiding the “Steve Martin impersonator” look the ’90s series went with. And this looks pretty good; grounded enough that it’s not silly, consistent enough that it looks like a uniform, not some dude’s street clothes. As for how he looks in action:

Now, the question is, will the Flash be slipping on ice the entire episode? Because you get to use that bit once, CW.