The Flash Got Mugged In Canada, Probably By Alpha Flight

Running to raise money and awareness for a cause is cool. Dressing up like the Flash is cool, admittedly only for certain grades of “cool. Canada, apparently, is profoundly uncool, as Jamie McDonald found out the hard way.

Jamie McDonald is essentially a gentleman adventurer; currently he’s trying to run coast-to-coast across Canada to raise money for sick children. And that makes what happened to McDonald all the worse, according to the Toronto Star:

McDonald… said he was in costume when three men dragged him into a hotel room about 2 a.m. The 27-year-old, who is running to raise money for Canadian and British children’s hospitals, including SickKids in Toronto, was then dragged into the room’s bathroom and repeatedly struck. McDonald struggled with his attackers and eventually bolted out of the room and into the streets.

Rumors that Vindicator, Puck, and Northstar were seen in the area remain unconfirmed. Joking aside, McDonald is more shaken up than anything else; his wallet, camera, and other items have been retrieved and returned to him. And his Flash suit is still on his body, which is good since Alberta in January isn’t exactly balmy climes.

If you’d like to help out sick kids and encourage this guy to keep running, kick a few bucks in via the donation page. Meanwhile, we’ll keep an eye out for Professor Zoom.