‘The Flash’ Reveals Its Upcoming Villains In A New Trailer

Well… that’s convenient. If you were wondering what villains you’d be seeing on The Flash when it returns next Tuesday, The CW has posted a new trailer that breaks it down for you.

Next week, it appears we’re seeing a new Weather Wizard, who presumably is unhappy that his brother died in the pilot episode. To the point where he summons a tsunami at one point, so we’re assuming the Flash will have his hands full. On the 24th, the show brings back the Golden Glider, thankfully giving her a cold gun with some accents instead of those ridiculous skates. And on the 31st, the show goes almost ridiculously meta with Mark Hamill as The Trickster, not least because it actually uses stills of him from the 1990 CBS series.

Oh, also, there’s time travel, and apparently the end of March will see the rest of the cast finding out about Well’s yellow suit and stabby tendencies. As for Gorilla Grodd, it looks like they’re saving him for sweeps. But he’s arriving soon, and we can’t wait.