‘The Flash’ Will Reunite A ‘Prison Break’ Family, Releases A New Trailer

First of all, man, who let a ’90s underwear commercial director near The Flash‘s marketing? We bring this up because this follows on from an announcement that Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller will be teaming up again, only not to break out of prison this time. Or at least break out of a better prison.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Purcell and Miller will be playing Heat Wave and Captain Cold, respectively. Miller will actually be an ongoing antagonist; he’ll first appear in the fourth episode, while returning with his fellow Rogue for the tenth.

Most arresting to nerds is the fact that, well, they’re not screwing around with introducing the Rogues. For those unfamiliar, the Rogues are a team of supervillains generally notable for not wanting to take over the world so much as for wanting to run successful heists and generally be professional criminals. They’re offbeat, for the DCU, and often get a focus during major events.

Weather Wizard is in the first episode, Captain Cold in the fourth, and now Heat Wave in the tenth. It’s also interesting because the cast is absolutely packed with villains. Just, hopefully, nobody tries to top Michael Champion as Captain Cold, because it isn’t happening.