The Flying Parachute Jesus Car Isn’t a Joke?

10.28.10 8 years ago

Steve Saint of i-Tec had a problem to solve; how do doctors, missionaries, etc. reach indigenous tribes without chainsawing through the forest or jumping out of airplanes with a parachute? The answer? A flying car.

The Flying Parachute Jesus Car, better known as the Maverick, was designed to be a cheap, powerful and easy way to get around places like the Amazon and Ecuador. It’s also designed to be ridiculously simple to use; in the video below the jump, you’ll notice that all you need to do is flick the “fly” switch. No pilot’s license, no flight plan, just “fly”. Somehow, we think this guy as much wanted to cater to our inner desire to be Superman as help the tribes of South America.

Oh, as a car, it goes zero to 60 in four seconds, partially a function of the body being made out of canvas. And it can go offroad, naturally.

It’s going to enter commercial production very soon, costing about $80,000 a pop. Saint is hoping that the fact that he’s created about the most awesome and versatile vehicle ever will help with sales. Hey, we’ll buy one.

[ via Jalopnik ]

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