The Food In Movies Supercut Is The Perfect Ode To The Beauty Of Stuffing One’s Face

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When it comes to movies, the food always seems to be top notch. It almost doesn’t look realistic in any way and sometimes it isn’t, but that doesn’t stop the mind from wandering towards Guy Fieri Way when you see it, on the road to Flavortown.

That’s why this supercut is the perfect representation of how myself and many others feel while watching characters eat these delicious meals on the big screen. Sure it is a little lopsided and has a flair for the overdramatic, but the food looks great.

I especially like that they included the pizza scene from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I always liked seeing the turtles eat their pizza, imagining it to be one of the most delicious you could buy. Now I look back and realize it is fake, most likely full of melted plastic, but I’m still feeling an urge for a fresh pizza. That’s what it does.

(Via Slate)