The ‘Friday Night Lights’/Tami Taylor ‘Y’all’ Supercut You’ve Been Waiting For


As you may have heard, Friday Night Lights is ending its five season run this week, and since it’s quite a popular show with Internet people, there are tributes starting to pop up all over the place. The one above — a supercut of every time Tami Taylor uttered the word “y’all” on the show — is my favorite, hands down.

Personally, I loved FNL but stopped watching after the first season, mainly because I fell behind in the episodes and it was just too daunting to try to catch up. However, the series will live on via ESPN in reruns, and I’ve already set my DVR to record them all, so I’m looking forward to finally getting caught up. From what I saw in the first season, I think the show perfectly captures life in Southern small towns, and how important sports are in the local communities. It’s just so good in so many ways.

And even if you never watched the show, it’s kinda fun to hear a pretty lady say “y’all” over and over again. It’s quite a turn-on for a child of the South like myself, actually. Enjoy.

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