The Funniest Comic Book Panels of the Week – July 6, 2011

9. Ozma of Oz #8

Written by Eric Shanower – Art by Skottie Young

I wonder if there are student loans even in the magical land of Oz?

8. Chew #19

Written by John Layman – Art by Rob Guillory

Or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the avian pandemic.

7. Moon Knight #3

Written by Brian Michael Bendis – Art by Alex Maleev and Matthew Wilson

I did a search for an Ultron head on eBay, no dice. You’ve dropped the ball here Brian Michael Bendis.

6. Doctor Solar #7

Written by Jim Shooter – Art by Roger Robinson and Augustin Alessio

Spoiled milk is the worst part of any kidnapping.

5. Zombies vs Robots Undercity #3

Written by Chris Ryall – Art by Mark Torres

Sexist robots man. Who programs them to think that way?

4. Batman Beyond #7

Written by Adam Beechen – Art by Ryan Benjamin and John Stanisci

I see what you did there.

3. Irredeemable #27

Written by Mark Waid – Art by Peter Krause

One of my all time favorite comic book tropes: Punching so hard you fly through time. This comic is worth buying for the clever opening gag alone.

2. Our Love is Real #1

Written by Sam Humphries – Art by Steve Sanders

I think robot sex is above bestiality in moral authority, but I’m a robosexual.

1. Batman and Robin #25

Written by Judd Winick – Art by Greg Tocchini and Andy Smith

This made me laugh so hard it startled my dog. I wish we could watch Dick, Damian and Jason take a batmobile road trip, this whole section of the comic was hilarious.

See any we missed? Let me know in the comments!