The ‘Girls’ Internet Backlash Has Officially Started

Well that didn’t take long!

If you’ve spent any time at all on the internet recently you’ve probably noticed chatter about Girls — the new HBO show created by and starring 24 year-old Lena Dunham, previously best known for her pretty damn good film Tiny Furniture. It’s a show about…girls…in Brooklyn…living their lives as girls living in Brooklyn and having horrible sex with twatty dudes.

And, as you can perhaps tell by the re-imagined poster for the show above, some people already don’t like the show and find it insufferable. The internet backlash has officially kicked off.

Of all the pissy reviews/recaps I’ve read about Girls so far, John Cook’s has brought the most joy to my life. Here’s an excerpt…

The Drummer from Bad Company’s daughter is staying with David Mamet’s daughter, a comically overbroad character imported (knowingly? ironically?) from another sitcom. She loves Sex and the City (GET IT?) and wears pink Juicy Couture-style outfits. Is her father proud of her?

Everyone’s sentences begin with “OK” or “Yeah, so” or “Yo, hey. Yeah, no.”

Laurie Simmons’ daughter goes to her boss at the publishing house or literary agency and explains that she needs money. He fires her. She goes to meet a guy she sleeps with, a hunky shirtless abusive woodworking actor who hates his parents. He tries to insert his penis into her rectum. She objects. He inserts his penis into her vagina. She talks about how it’s getting dark later. He asks her to stop talking.

Facebook texting Twitter Gchat Gchat Gchat smart phones.

The Drummer from Bad Company’s daughter thinks Laurie Simmons’ daughter should just go back to her parents and explain to them that she is an artist. She fights with Brian Williams’ daughter: “You can’t just mother her like this.” Brian Williams’ daughter and the Drummer from Bad Company’s daughter have a heart to heart while the Drummer from Bad Company’s daughter is on the toilet (shitting?).

Yo hey. Yeah no.


You can actually watch the pilot ON YOUTUBE. (Pretty forward-thinking there, HBO!) Judge it for yourself.

(Poster via smktty, HT: Whitney Jefferson)