The Glorious Fur Bikini Wearing, Dragon Riding, Blaster Wielding Women of Femme Fatales

In 1996, the greatest set of collectible cards ever made was unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. They were called Femme Fatales and were one of the last sets of cards released by FPG before they folded. This collection put together the finest fantasy artists alive into one bonerrific pack of cards you could hide in your sock drawer.
The cards weren’t themed by genre, just hotness. As a result, within each pack you could find a staggering array of scenes such as babe with sword, babe with dragon, sci-fi babe, evil magician babe, angel babe, monster babe and even one modern guerrilla fighter babe.
Words cannot express how fond I am of these images. If scantily clad women riding dragons was the trick to selling more fantasy novels and Dungeons and Dragons handbooks, it worked –at least on me. I would not be surprised if every book I owned in middle school had cover art by the artists that appear in this series. The one exception would be Lord of the Rings, which I don’t think ever got a hobbit cleavage cover.
Now I want you to sit back, relax and return to a simpler time when women went into battle wearing loincloths and metal pasties. Make sure to read the titles, they are almost as good as the images themselves.
Above: Farsighted by Sanjulian

The Angel of Passion by Chris Achilleos

Early Snow by Larry Elmore

Desert Wings by Keith Parkinson

Black Tears by Chris Achilleos

Thuvia, Maid of Mars by Joe Jusko

Mind of the Magic by Clyde Caldwell

Paws and Claws by Chris Achilleos

The Allure of Damnation by Brom

A Vast Indifference by Jeffrey Jones

The Guardian Serpent by Rowena

Deep in Thought by Sanjulian

Red Hand by Brom

Vantage Point by Joe Jusko

Vexations by Brom

The Blue Ones by Jeffrey Jones

Redhood by Chris Achilleos

The Freedom Gem by Sanjulian

Spellbound by Sanjulian

The Demon’s Death by Sanjulian

The Sorceress by Rowena

Scarlet Enchantress by Rowena

Queen of Hearts by Bernie Wrightson

Wine of Death by Sanjulian

Unwelcome by Mike Ploog

El Beasto by Brom

Centaur 2001 by Larry Elmore

Slither by Clyde Caldwell

To Pick A Rose by Clyde Caldwell

Centura by Bernie Wrightson

Theo and Roger by Bernie Wrightson

Beyond Medusa by Sanjulian

Exterminatrix by Bernie Wrightson

Horde of Chaos by Sanjulian

Newt’s Night Out by Mike Ploog

The Young Dragon Trainer by Chris Achilleos

Dian the Beautiful by Joe Jusko

Walking the Dog by Rowena

Sentry by Mike Ploog

Inamorata by Rowena

The Lioness by Mike Ploog

The Second Season of the Witch by Clyde Caldwell

Indoor Games III by Chris Achilleos

Beauty and the Beast by Chris Achilleos

Standard Bearer by Chris Archilleos

Panthera by Bernie Wrightson

Salamandra by Bernie Wrightson

The Rose Sea by Clyde Caldwell

The Black Guerrilla by Chris Achilleos

Blazon by Brom

Armed and Dangerous by Clyde Caldwell

Red Boots by Larry Elmore

Harem Guard by Chris Achilleos

Chicks in Chain Mail by Larry Elmore