The Goon Battles Sparkly Twilight Vampires And Their Fans

Today’s issue of paranormal comic The Goon (written by Eric Powell and colored by Dave Stewart) will take on sparkly boy band vampires and their fans.  The comic is returning to its every-other-month publishing schedule, and the next issue will be co-written by issue; what about this righteous Twilight smackdown?

Having the title character beat up what he calls “sparkly vampires” proves way too easy […] In fact, the showdown doesn’t last much more than a few pages. Instead, the brute of some conscience spends most of The Goon’s 34th issue fighting something much worse: The monstrous tweens that made Twilight such a pop-cultural phenomenon. That’s a much nastier battle. [Wired]

A few panels from this issue are below.  I would be buying the hell out this comic today if I hadn’t spent all my money on five-gallon buckets of glitter.

One more picture available at Wired.