Our Long National Nightmare Is Over: Justin Bieber And Bill Clinton Talked Out Their Differences

Earlier today, my buddy Josh Kurp brought us the unbelievable-yet-totally-believable (beliebable?) story about Justin Bieber cutting through the back of a nightclub, only to piss in a mop bucket, making one janitor’s job even worse than it needs to be, before splashing liquid on a picture of Bill Clinton and declaring, “F*ck Bill Clinton!” Because if there’s one thing the Biebs won’t stand for, it’s former presidents with more swag than him.

But the one good thing about this Internet age is that with social media, stories and videos like this one spread quickly and allow two feuding parties to squash their beef and set good examples for all of us nobodies. Naturally, Bieber reached out to Billy Jeff C-Note and made amends for his harsh words, at least according to Bieber.

Like the true baller that he is, Clinton hasn’t responded, but I hope when he does, it’s something legit like:

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