The Guiltiest Dog Ever Is So Sorry He Ate His Family’s Christmas Ornaments

The dog in this video is guilty of the most nefarious of holiday crimes: Eating his family’s Christmas ornaments off of the tree. Yesterday we brought you a compilation of cats being jerks to Christmas trees, but that doesn’t mean that dogs can’t get in on the action, too. The Christmas ball-munching dog in question here is named Denver, and appears to be a senior aged Yellow Lab. My dog just turned thirteen last week and from what I’ve learned about having an older dog, is that older dogs in general have no f*cks left to give — although Denver seems to have a prior history of getting himself into trouble.

I just feel bad for Denver’s partner in crime, an elderly Golden Retriever who seems to be deaf, as his owner scolds him: “Look at you! Just cause you can’t hear doesn’t mean anything.” Poor guy.

(Viral Viral Videos via Huffington Post)