The ‘Heart Of Archness’ GIFapalooza

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I was simultaneously delighted and bummed out by the third installment of Archer’s three-part miniseries “Heart of Archness” last night. No more Archer till 2012?! How are we supposed to go months without new personal records, lacrosse references, and Pam accepting bag of dicks challenges?
It’s gonna be tough. But we’ll overcome the morale problem. Starting with this hair of the dog GIFapalooza of all the best “Heart of Archness” GIFs I could find on the world wide web. Yep. Just like that time I didn’t feel like writing a paper on Chaucer the internet has come to my rescue once again.
Sources: F*ck Yeah Archer GIFs, #Heart of Archness
“Two personal records! For breath holding and number of sharks shot in the frickin’ face!”

Whore Island!
Omicron Spymaster!
The Morale Problem


“Lacrosse: a lot of those skills are universal.”

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