The Hipster Disney Princesses Are Too Cool To Follow The Bouncing Ball In Their Own Sing-Along Video

The ladies in the video below are SO hip that they don’t care that it’s been over a year since the Hipster Disney Princesses meme took off, and they’re only just getting around to making a sing-along for the glasses-wearing masses. That was their plan all along. Revisiting memes is so in right now.

Nor do they pay attention to such minor details as misspelling “vinyl” as “vynl.” No, they’re better, more It, more chic than you because they’re princesses, and they live in an old mini-golf wooden castle in Brooklyn. But all ironic pretentiousness aside (I think? I don’t know anymore), this video proves once and for all that Belle is the hottest non-Jasmine Disney heroine. Until tomorrow, when Princess Hummusiana from The Organic Pea In a Pod is the right choice. But you’ve probably never heard of her.

(Via Clip Nation)