The House Of Lannister Patriots

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Forgive a little geeky indulgence on a Friday. There’s always the newly reported account of Junior Seau’s final days if you’re in need of sooper cereal substance.

Anyway, “Game of Thrones” author George R.R. Martin sat down with Sports Illustrated to discuss sporty stuff. Being the creator of a thing that rocks faces, we’ll forgive Martin the very glaring allegiance foul of rooting for both New York teams [series of 800-page books to the face]. Naturally, it wasn’t long before Martin was asked how NFL teams match up as the various houses and characters from Thrones.

SI: What about the families: Are the Starks, say, the Green Bay Packers?

MARTIN: Whenever I propose analogies like that, fans jump in with their own ideas, but it depends on what team you root for. To me, the Starks are heroes, so they would be the Giants.

SI: And the Patriots, the archenemies?

MARTIN: Maybe those would be the Lannisters.

That comparison works well regardless of your rooting interest, though I suppose for Belichick/Tyrion to work, you must substitute married women for prostitutes.

It would take a “Game of Thrones” fan better versed than I to come up with well-reasoned links to figures from the series for all 32 teams. I’ll go ahead and volunteer that the Steelers work as the Dothraki, being that they’re both a teeming horde of nomadic savages who are quite fond of rape.

Your suggestions in the comments, fanboys.

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