The Hyrule Historia Gets A Gorgeous Limited Edition

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11.27.12 5 Comments

First of all, if you hadn’t heard, the Hyrule Historia, essentially the definitive history of the entire Legend of Zelda franchise, will be coming at the end of January courtesy of Dark Horse.

The really good news for the obsessive is that the obligatory collector’s edition looks gorgeous.

The book itself will be great: Dark Horse, as manga fans know, is very, very good at Japanese to English translations, and by all accounts Nintendo is working closely with Dark Horse to ensure this is a definitive version.

Granted, it’s not going to be cheap: The “basic” edition alone will cost $35, and the limited edition with the Gate of Time symbol debossed into a faux-leather cover and gilded pages will run you $70.

But, for Zelda fans, it’s worth it. We’ve gotten our hands on a friend’s Japanese version, and the sheer amount of production art alone offers a lot of insight into these games and the thought process behind them. There’s a lot crammed into this book, and considering how secretive Nintendo can be, it’s a little surprising how definitive it is.

There’s a “book trailer”, naturally:

This arrives January 29th, so, budget accordingly. We recommend going without food for a week, that should do it.

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