The Incredible ‘Nerdy Pop Culture Art’ Of Dan Hipp

There isn’t much that brightens my day more than nerdy pop culture fan art, other than really, really awesome nerdy pop culture fan art. That’s why Dan Hipp is like my semi-weekly Picasso of fan art with his “illustrative adventures and nerd shenanigans” that have graced the pages of Wired, DC Comics, Image Comics and others. He also has a mild zombie obsession, which means he should be my best friend.
Hipp’s drawings and nerd art masterpieces honor everything from Batman and Indiana Jones to Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, and he often combines multiple references to add to the creative delight. In fact, I’m going to hold out hope that he eventually draws a picture of me and Kate Upton at a wedding chapel so I can send copies to my ex-girlfriends and ask them who the comic book geek is now. That will show them.