The Infamous Jay From The ‘Serial’ Podcast Says He’s Ready To Talk

If you listened to the Serial podcast most of the internet has been obsessing over for weeks, you know that Jay — the key witness in the prosecution of Adnan Syed who testified that he helped Adnan bury Hae Min Lee’s body in Leakin Park — refused to allow host Sarah Koenig to record an interview with him, though he did speak to her.

But on Christmas Eve, Jay, who apparently goes by “Slim Wilds” on Facebook, posted a message on Facebook — one that he has since deleted — indicating that he is now willing to be interviewed on the record and that he has some things to say about Sarah Koenig.

When I pointed this out to Danger, my Serialobsessed Uproxx co-worker, he made a prediction: “70% chance he shows up to the interview in a t-shirt like the people in those D-list celebrity boxing matches used to.” I wouldn’t bet against this prediction, that’s for sure.

Meanwhile, people on Reddit and Twitter had plenty to say about Jay’s announcement…

Finally, if you’re going through Serial withdrawals, I highly recommend you watch the docu-series, The Stair Case. I watched it years ago, in the mid-2000s, when it aired on cable TV, I think on IFC Sundance Channel. It’s an incredible, gripping look inside a murder case — the access the filmmakers were granted inside the worlds of the defense and prosecution in this case make it unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The entire 8-part series is now on YouTube. Episode one is embedded below. And then, after you’ve watched the whole thing — and try to resist reading anything about the case until you’re done — read up on “the Owl theory.” It might blow your f*cking mind and help you finally make sense of the case at the same time.