The Internet Loathes Rick Perry And His Anti-Gay Ad

Well you knew this was coming: the internet — which can be a god-awful cesspool at times but one that will often rise up against hatred, intolerance and lies — has not taken too kindly to Rick Perry’s anti-gay ad that hit the web yesterday afternoon. In addition to the launch of the wonderful Rick Perry’s Unpopular Opinions Tumblr, (entries from which are featured at top and at the bottom of this post), the ad is rapidly approaching Rebecca Black levels of scorn based on its “like” vs “dislike” ranking.

Additionally, there’s a movement afoot to have YouTube take the video down by flagging it as inflammatory hate speech. I’m not, ahem, encouraging you, dear reader, to do likewise, but below is a screengrab that shows exactly how to do so, if in fact you choose to let your voice be heard.

God I love the internet!

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