Stoops, Death Reels, And Buscemeyes: The Internet's Best Steve Buscemi Tributes

I think we can all agree Burt Wonderstone is probably terrible and Steve Buscemi looking like this is its only hope, correct? OK, cool. Just wanted to make sure we are all on the same page.

As great as Buscemi is — and no one denies he’s the best — some salvage efforts prove too difficult for even him (see: every Adam Sandler movie this century). But that’s not to say the Herculean efforts of a man who in no way resembles Hercules shouldn’t be celebrated. And since the internet is pretty much always busy celebrating the man behind Nucky Thompson how about we start there?

Steve Buscemi doesn’t so much bait the internet as the internet baits Steve Buscemi. Wait, that doesn’t make sense. Maybe there’s no baiting at all. Maybe a better way to put it is that the internet has a unhealthy fascination with an actor who looks like he has some unhealthy fascinations (although I’m sure doesn’t). Anyway. You get the point. Cue the chicks with Buscemeyes…

Above relevant image via.

The Tumblr hasn’t been updated in over a year as they seemingly ran out of celebrities to Buscemeye. I still think there’s a photo service biz opp in here somewhere.

The very important and informative Tumblr has sadly been down for some time but its memory lives on. Never forget that Steve gave away cheaply stitched Big Lebowski ballcaps possibly worn by Buscemi himself on his stoop one day.

As compiled by DonDraperSaysWhat. Spoiler: Steve dies a lot.

Can. Not. Be. Unseen.

Josh made mention of quite possibly the most wonderful moment in 30 Rock history a few months back. Not only is everything about this glorious, but the “How do you do, fellow kids?” image as become an internet go-to for reacting to adult-teenage interactions. It’s the most important tribute of all as far as I’m concerned.

Panoramic eyesight seems like more of a curse than a gift. Original source unknown. Possibly Steve himself.

The fashion statement by Black Milk Clothing quickly went viral as the dream of ogling the female form while making eye contact with Steve Buscemi finally became a reality.

Just one of many pop culture masterpieces by our good pal Jon Defreest. Folgers really dropped the ball on this one.

Almost makes too much sense.