The Internet’s Love For Game Of Thrones Knows No Bounds

Naturally, after we published a collection of Game of Thrones LOLs earlier today, the Internet came back and said, “Oh, but we we weren’t done yet. Not even close.” And so it’s come to be that some genius has created this gem — “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Lannister” — taking the Geto Boys hit now synonymous with Office Space and splicing it together with scenes from Game Of Thrones to create a quite funny rap parody.

Internet, just when I often think there’s no way you could possibly top yourself, you always somehow still manage to blow my mind, just as I was convinced that the video below of Kate Upton giggling down the catwalk would easily be the best thing I saw on the web all day — now suddenly there’s a worthy competitor. I raise my sword to you in honor, Internet.

(HT: Warming Glow and The High Definite)