6 Of The Weirdest Examples Of The Internet’s Obsession With Emma Watson

It’s Emma Watson’s 24th birthday, which means it’s more appropriate than ever for the internet to do what it does best: be awkwardly obsessed with her.

While digging up some of the web’s tributes it became abundantly clear — though not at all surprising — that the internet’s obsession with Emma Watson is a little weird. Scratch that, it’s like, way out there weird. The running theme seems to be that the internet is obsessed with transforming Emma Watson into another person altogether.

Let’s ease into the bizarre with something not so jarring, something like…

A terrifying face mashup video of Steve Buscemi and Emma Watson’s faces.

I think Steve Buscemi is a fantastic actor and I’ll see just about anything he’s in. The one thing I don’t want to see him in though, is Emma Watson. The Natalie Portman/Will Ferrell mashup video was disturbing and funny, but the Watson/Buscemi video is on a whole other level of internet weirdness.

Emma Watson morphing into Richard Dawkins.

If there’s anything the youth of today love more than Hermione Granger, it’s English ethologist Richard Dawkins. So naturally, somebody out there on the internet made a GIF of Emma morphing into the 73-year-old man. It’s almost like the internet is so into Emma Watson, that it wants to test its attraction for her by making her as unattractive as possible.

There’s also terrible Emma Watson fan art.

There’s plenty of Emma Watson art school sketches floating around out there. Nothing too mind-blowing, just creepy enough.

But there’s also stuff like this…

You know, just in case you had always wondered what Emma Watson would look like as a goth teen who happens to also be a member of the Sith empire. I know I’ve laid awake countless nights thinking about it.

We’ve also got this far less terrifying genetic splicing of Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson.

While the internet’s first experiment to alter the already perfect genes of Emma Watson with Steve Buscemi is more on the nightmare side, I fully support a Jennifer Watson internet queen. Ya done good, internet scientists.

And finally, we have that black magic sorcery GIF of Emma Watson revealing herself to be Sofia Vergara.

The thing is equal parts creepy and kind of hot, because duh, Sofia Vergara and Emma Watson. While the GIF seemed to come from some unknown bowel deep in the internet it was actually pulled from the below YouTube video by user curveballbe. The YouTube user happens to be an editor of celebrity photos and videos with an entire blog specifically dedicated to sizing up the chests of female celebrities. (Some people like to collect coins or build cabinets in their spare time, others enjoy giving Cameron Diaz balloon-sized knockers.)

The actual silicone mask that is to blame for your mental breakdown was created by Kerry Johnson, who has been making silicone masks of women for some 37 years for a subculture of men who like to dress in female masks known as “maskers.” So, yeah, that’s a thing of course.

Um, back to Emma Watson though. Emma Watson knows you love her, internet, and she loves you back. But tone it down a bit, okay?