The Japanese Trailer For ‘Godzilla’ Has Something Of A Foot Fetish

Godzilla is coming to stomp theaters flat in May, but a question remains as to how faithful a heavily-CGI movie will be to a man in a rubber suit stomping models. Pretty faithful, if the Japanese trailer is any indication!

The Japanese trailer doesn’t have a lot of new footage, but towards the end we get to see everything but the head of Godzilla, including a stomping foot:

Interestingly, this trailer drops absolutely zero hints as to the other kaiju who might appear; the U.S. trailers have all but confirmed that at the very least we’re going to see Rodan in the mix: That would be the monster knocking planes out of the air.

But also interestingly is how Godzilla moves in this trailer. It was fairly clear he wasn’t going to be a zippy little iguana like the last time Hollywood tackled the character, but here we get a better sense of how he moves: Slow, lumbering, but unstoppable. In other words, pretty much exactly like the Godzilla we know and love from the original man-in-suit movies.

Hey, we’re all for it; a Godzilla movie that’s actually faithful to the original while not being a cheesefest will be welcome. We’ll find out just how the Big G stomps in full May 16th. In the meantime, here’s an early animatic of the scene we screencapped above: