‘The Last Of Us’ Too Intense For You? Here’s Some Glitches To Cut The Tension.

Shoot it! SHOOT IT!

Video game glitches are nothing new — even the biggest, (supposedly) polished triple-A titles are usually chock full of them. But what happens when glitches show up in a title like The Last of Us, a game that begs, no, demands to be taken seriously? Well, then they really stick out like a sore thumb.

Hit the jump for a couple videos showcasing glitches that lessen the drama of The Last of Us just a teensy bit…

First off, here’s a video in which Ellie has been transformed into some sort of Salvador Dali-esque, spaghetti-armed monstrosity. Brrrr.

And here’s a supercut of all manner of glitchy wackiness set to Benny Hill music.

Again, I really don’t think there’s more glitches in The Last of Us than any other major title these days, but when you’re the game currently being fawned over as the “Citizen Kane of gaming” people are really going to notice when your fleshed-out, thoughtfully written characters randomly decide to walk through a wall, start floating or turn their faces inside out.

via Kotaku & Machinima