The Latest Diablo III Bulls–t — New Players Restricted to Trial Mode for 72-Hours

There’s been a lot of complaining about Diablo III since it came out, and in this rare case Internet whining is actually justified, because Blizzard is trying to get away with some straight-up bulls–t with this game. Encouraging loot farming with the Auction House? Ugh. Forcing everyone to be online even if they’re just playing single player, which of course causes the servers to crash, locking everyone out of the game? F–k off.

Well, here’s the latest development in this ongoing clown show — from this point on new Diablo III buyers will have to wait 72-hours to actually play the full version of the game. Until the waiting period is up you’ll be restricted to a trial version of the game. Why are they doing this? Come on, are you really expecting Blizzard to give a real answer? All they’ve said is it’s to “combat fraud”, whatever that means.

This restriction is only placed digital copies of the game, so if you’d like to actually play the full game you just paid 60-bucks for, you’d better hit up the dusty PC game rack hidden away in the back of your local GameStop.

via Destructoid