The Latest, Greatest Trend: Screaming While Painting

Inspired by the work of little happy cloud-fanatic Bob Ross, artist Kim Beom took the PBS painter’s technique to the next level by replacing his creepy calmness…with bloodcurdling screaming at the top of his lungs. According to the YouTube description for “Kim Beom, Yellow Scream”:

“The technique to this painting is to incorporate the sound of screams into the brush strokes,” states the narrator in Kim Beom’s video Yellow Scream (2012). “A brush stroke done with screaming is very different from a normal one. The effect of the screams is recorded with the brush strokes.” He then dips his brush in a dab of lemon yellow paint, leans into the canvas, and lets out an anguished wail. (Via)

Still the least obnoxious painter of all-time. Fast-forward to 5:45 for the good stuff.

(Via BuzzFeed)

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