The Man Who Killed His Stepfather With An Atomic Wedgie Is Going To Prison

We all know that wedgies — when applied correctly — can not only hurt really bad, but they can cause some unwarranted tearing of the buttocks region. An atomic wedgie (when the underwear is pulled up and over a victim’s head), though, can apparently cause suffocation. An Oklahoma man found that out the hard way when his attempt at punishing his stepfather resulted in his death.

In January, Brad Lee Davis committed involuntary manslaughter when he applied the atomic wedgie to his stepfather, with whom he reportedly did not have a great relationship. To make matters worse, he texted a friend that he was going to “mess up” the man before the incident occurred. After pleading guilty, prosecutors are looking for a 35-year sentence, which is a lot more than the four years usually associated with such a crime.

(Via Gawker)