The Most Brilliant Fugitive Ever Was Caught After Posting Softball Plans To Facebook

Let’s say you’re a fugitive, like 22-year-old Joey John Patterson, the handsome fellow from Boise, Idaho, in the above mugshot. You’d probably keep a fairly low profile, right? Like, maybe delete all of your social media accounts, at the very least?

Well, Patterson is in custody today after being arrested on a felony warrant for violating probation because he made the fatal error of posting a status update on Facebook detailing exactly when and where authorities could apprehend him. Slow clap. KTVB7 wrote:

The suspect updated his Facebook status Saturday afternoon, saying he was headed to batting practice at the softball field at the Armory Softball Field, and inviting others to join him.

Patterson got more company than he bargained for when officers showed up at the field and took him into custody.

Caldwell Police Sgt. Joey Hoadley said using social media to track down a fugitive was not that unusual. “We keep a close eye on that stuff,” he said. “Surprisingly, even fugitives can’t keep from updating their Facebook status, and it leads to some great arrests.”

Privacy settings, people. They’re not just for fugitives of the law. (But they’re especially for fugitives of the law.)

Via NBC News