Here Is The Most Import Political GIF Of Our Time

By now I’m sure you’ve seen the widely circulated photos of GOP presidential candidates Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann eating corndogs at the Iowa State Fair. (If, by chance, you have not, they’re after the jump.) I’m convinced that whoever made it a holy right of passage for presidential candidates to journey to Iowa to eat ridiculous things like corndogs and fried butter in an effort to demonstrate their Oval Office-worthy credentials (Seriously, if this is a presidential prerequisite why don’t we just give Paula Deen the keys to the White House?) is an evil genius the likes of which we have not seen since Vincent Price’s “Egghead” in the old Batman television series. And he or she is probably the same evil genius who made the spectacular gif above, which makes him or her ever more evil genius-er.

Meanwhile, on the left, Joe Biden still enjoys eating sandwiches and ice cream and President Obama loves all sorts of foods people eat with their hands.

Evil genius. Pure evil genius.

(Gif HT: Rillawafers. Bachmann and Perry corndog eating pics via Buzzfeed)