The Most Popular Woman On The Internet In 2012 Is Somehow Not Kate Upton

If one were to judge the most popular women on the Internet in 2012 based solely on number of UPROXX articles, the top-five would look a little something like: #5. Kate Upton and #4-1. Alison Brie. Sounds about right. But Coed Magazine actually used SCIENCE (sort of) to figure out the year’s 50 most searched-for women, none of which are Gnesa. Here’s how they came up with their findings:

Our editors came up with a massive list of over 300 female actresses, politicians, singers and public figures. On November 26th, 2012, we searched each name in quotes (i.e. “Lady Gaga”) with safe search off in Google. We then marked down the number of results and reported them to you. (Via)

It’s an imperfect formula, but at least the results are more exciting than the year’s most Google’d word in general: “Facebook.” That’s now how you spell “Aaron Paul Price is Right.” Anyway, here’s Coed’s top-five.

#5. Britney Spears (343,000,000 results)

#4. Lady Gaga (388,000,000)

#3. Cher (398,000,000)

#2. Rihanna (508,000,000)

#1. Lana Del Rey (722,000,000)

Lana seems like a surprising choice until you remember, unlike the rest of the top-five, she only exploded in popularity this year, after after her baffling SNL performance, so there were plenty of, “Who the hell is this Lana Del Rey person?” searches. Plus, she had a fling with Axl Rose, became a model, released two albums (one of which, Born to Die, 2.8 million copies), and is pretty. Hopefully at least half of those searches were for this GIF:

View the rest of the list here.

(Via Coed)