The Mountain From ‘Game Of Thrones’ And His Tiny Pomeranian Puppy Are The Cutest Pairing Ever

The Mountain from Game of Thrones, otherwise known by his real name, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, as he for some reason likes to be called, is notorious for many things. The record-breaking Europe’s Strongest Man plays tug of war with tractors, carries around refrigerators the way you or I might carry bags of groceries, and can toss around a beer keg like it’s a dang hacky sack.

But did you know that Björnsson is also an animal lover? (And we’re not talking about his ability to eat whole entire chickens, plural, in one sitting.) Recently Björnsson adopted a teeny, tiny Pomeranian puppy, and it appears that the two have become instant friends. The 6-foot-7, nearly 400-pound strongman has been sharing pictures of his puppy named Asterix on Instagram, and it is basically the cutest thing ever.

Here are the two engaging in a bit of cardio together:

And of course, he posts plenty of cuddly selfies with his pup:

Asterix even helps out with the grocery shopping!

Gracious enough not to make his dog share the spotlight, Björnsson gave Asterix his own Instagram account, so you can follow his adventures.

(Via Buzzfeed)