The Muppets Helpfully Explain Why Quicksilver Is The Worst Avenger

In a rare demonstration of corporate synergy we can get behind, the Muppets are helping to promote Avengers: Age of Ultron. And not in some annoying way where they make Super Gonzo an Avenger; instead, they recruited YouTube science nerd Jake Roper to explain why Quicksilver is a terrible Avenger.

Here’s the deal: Quicksilver, at top speed, moves at Mach 10. Moving that quickly, he creates a column of superheated air hot enough (752° F) that, if you were near him, your blood would instantly hit a phase transition. That is, your blood would suddenly be uncertain if it wanted to be a liquid or a gas. Not that you’d notice as you’d be too busy dealing with the fatal burns inhaling this air would inflict on your lungs.

Also, Quicksilver’s top speed is 7,680 miles per hour, which is more than twenty times as fast as the worst tornado. He’d be dragging an enormous column of debris behind him, moving at speeds that would easily lodge themselves deep inside any civilian.

In other words, just being near Quicksilver would kill you. If the superheated air and the shockwave didn’t do it, the hail of projectiles would turn you into a pink mist. Maybe Pietro should consider a different career?

(Source: The Mary Sue)