The New Batman Trailer, An Awesome Dog, And Links

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Please Welcome Cajun Boy, the new Uproxx front page editor. Nic Cage Needs To Have His Nola Card Revoked [

Is The Party Over for Perverts? [UproxxNews]

50 Cats Straight Chillin’ [Uproxx]

This Week In Posters [Filmdrunk]

C’mon Hollywood, Make These Shows: 20 More Pitches for Awful TV Shows [WarmingGlow]

‘Three Cups Of Tea’ Author Has Been Teabagging Us All [Uproxx]

Screw NASCAR, Let’s Watch Chairs Race [WithLeather]

KSK Mock Draft: Person You’d Imprison [KSK]

‘Game Of Thrones’: Just The Badass Parts [WarmingGlow]

Serena Williams Went To The Beach And Jesus Was Pleased [TSS]

A Typical Teenage Girl Tumblr Account [Buzzfeed]

The Worst Celebrity Social Networking Fails [UGO]

The science of why people don’t believe science [Fark]

Baby Raccoon In A Tub. Alert Parry Gripp immediately. [EgoTV]

Busey Backs Trump For President (video).  We’re backing @NotGaryBusey for President. [TVSquad]

VIDEO AND .GIF BELOW: Wheelborrow racing like a boss. [via TDW and sofapizza]

[Pictures via B&P and Ratsoff]

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