The New Champion: Crossdressing Cosplayer

Entertainment Editor
04.05.10 2 Comments

Yuichiro Nagashima is a Japanese MMA fighter and kickboxer who is a black belt of 2nd dan of Nippon Kempo.  He just won the K-1 World Max 2010 kickboxing tournament by knockout.  His kickboxing record is 18 wins (12 by knockout) to 3 losses.  Oh, did I mention he always does his walk up to the ring dressed as a female anime character?  I can just imagine his opponent thinking, “Look at this fa*unconcious*

There’s a video below of his entrance at the K-1 Semifinal where he entered dressed as Eirin Yagokoro from Touhou Project, complete with backup dancers and J-pop entrance music.  Magnificent.  This could only be better if he dressed up as Bender and then put the anime character dress on top of that.  He’s a real toughie.

[Thanks, io9.]

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