The New JLI Is Missing a Hero?

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06.16.11 2 Comments

First, we just need to stop and marvel that DC is relaunching the JLI, like, at all. Seriously, that’s awesome. It’s too bad Keith Giffen isn’t writing, but at least Dan Jurgens is onboard.

Anyhoo, at right, you see the original cover for JLI #1. You might be wondering who the bland chick in the catsuit is, and so is everyone else: apparently this is the “new hero” they’re introducing. But, for some reason, DC decided to leave her out of the new cover:

Interesting, right?

OK, fine, it’s just Photoshop, but it has some people wondering what precisely is the deal with this new hero, and why suddenly she no longer exists.

Please, DC, we’re begging you: don’t turn this into another Triumph-type situation. It’s bad enough you’re essentially going to see if you can do “Heroes Reborn” better, we really can’t take a repeat of that mid-’90s pap.

Bonus points for bringing back Resurrection Man, though.

[ via the fridge searchers at The Mary Sue ]

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