The NSA’s New Recycling Mascot ‘Dunk’ Will Haunt Your Dreams

Meet Dunk, the recycling bin that walks and talks. Dunk is the NSA’s new recycling mascot, and he’s here to help promote Earth Day.

The NSA is currently hosting a STEM Recycling Challenge in the schools of Maryland with the goal of teaching students what happens to the junk they dispose of daily. The effort is to obviously get kids in the habit of recycling. Dunk, though, may just get kids in the habit of sleeping with the lights on in the room farthest from that blue bin by the garage that sits there…patiently waiting…for the right moment…TO STRIKE.

Someone please explain why Dunk has a guilty look on his face. Also, those arms. Look at those muscular arms! Why is Dunk so strong?! Hell, for someone so “green,” you’d think he’d go barefoot. Then again, I’m actually nervous to see what Dunk’s feet actually look like.

Still not sold? Well here’s an 8-minute long video you can watch starring Dunk. He talks, and it’s creepy.

Sweet dreams and Happy Earth Day!

(Source: NSA / The Verge)