The Panties Set Photo From The Dark Knight Rises Has An Awesome Explanation

01.30.12 7 years ago 3 Comments

A few months ago we posted some inevitably do — to Vision Quest. Yes, the 1985 male-fantasy-fulfillment film where Matthew Modine wins the big wrestling match and sleeps with Linda Fiorentino.

Downtown Spokane interviewed Modine and found out he suspects the assistants to Nolan’s assistant director planted the pink panties after watching Vision Quest on set. In the film, Modine’s character is caught sniffing Fiorentino’s pink panties in their shared laundry room (video below, of course). The day after the assistants watched the scene, Modine got a surprise gift:

“I put my hands in my pockets because it was cold. I said, ‘What’s this?’ I took it out and it was a pair of pink panties. And there were paparazzi all over the set,” Modine said. “There I am getting caught holding pink panties.” [KXLY via LATFG]

What have we got here, a bunch of f–king comedians? Hell, I like you assistants. You can come over to my house and f–k my sister.

Hard core man, hard core.

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