The Philadelphia Zoo’s Black-Footed Cat Kittens Are Back And This Time They’re Chasing Crickets

Remember the Philadelphia Zoo’s absolutely delightful squishy-wishy Black-Footed Cat Kitten nuggets, Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion? Well they’re back, and they’re going a’ cricket hunting. According to the YouTube description, the kittens are fed a commercial mix of raw meat formulated specially for exotic cats, but also receive “enrichment” in the form of rodents and insects, which is what you see here. And being that this was the first time they ever got crickets, they were extra kitteny stupid adorable about it, not knowing what to do at first.

OK for real this time, I really need to get my hands on one of these kittens. Think the Philly Zoo will give one to me if I ask really nice and promise to take good care of it? I mean, come on, they’ve got three of them. Quit bogarting all the good kittens, Philadelphia Zoo.

(Via Citypaper)