The PS4 And The Xbox One Will Both Lose November 15th

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08.21.13 48 Comments

The PS4 and the Xbox One have the same release date in the US, and pretty much the same release schedule everywhere else. It’s going to be a tough, bloody holiday season for both consoles, and ultimately neither will come out the winner. Here’s why.

Every Problem The Wii U Is Facing, These Two Consoles Will Face As Well

First of all, as we’ve mentioned, the Wii U is pretty much a dry run for the problems the PS4 and the Xbox One will face. If you were wondering why the Xbox One was all about Call of Duty TV TV Call of Duty SPORTS!, and why Sony pretty much gave indie game developers a gushy love letter yesterday, it’s because they’re trying to differentiate themselves using two very different strategies.

The Xbox One Will Still Be Dealing With PR Fallout

As we mentioned, they changed their policies. You don’t even need to have the Kinect hooked up anymore. Microsoft has given the people what they want, but there’s still a pretty severe PR problem in that the people don’t know what they’re getting what they want.

Both Consoles Have A Lack Of Compelling Exclusives

When we broke down the Xbox One’s games, there wasn’t a lot of enthusiasm, and Sony’s breakdown was surprisingly jumbled and very light on the AAA games. It’s fairly clear Sony believes there’s a lot of money in getting a deep, deep indie bench, which is a good thing and will pay off in the long run, but we could also use more games like inFamous: Second Son in there. Almost every game worth getting is a game we can already play.

Thus, Both Will Have Underwhelming Sales

Launch day sales are ultimately meaningless: Nobody projected the Wii U’s sales problem would get so serious based on its debut. But both want a strong start to win the PR war… and the way things are going, neither is really going to get what they want this Christmas.

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