The PS4 Doesn’t Require An Internet Connection, Nor Will Its Version Of ‘Diablo III’

I wasn’t overly wowed by the Sony’s Playstation 4 reveal, but one very welcome bit of news did come out after the big press conference — contrary to rumors, the PS4 won’t require an always-online Internet connection, and it will, somehow, someway, allow used games.

In other news, Diablo III, a game that caused a lot of problems for itself by doggedly insisting players always be connected to the Internet, is coming to the PS4. But wait, how’s that whole “you have to be online” thing going to work on the PS4 if the PS4 doesn’t have to be online? Well, it’s not. In a recent interview a couple guys from Blizzard offhandedly confirmed Diablo III for consoles will feature offline local multiplayer.

So yeah, there you have it PC gamers — you now have a legitimate reason to feel slighted. Go nuts. Or, you know, bring a controller and join us at the console party.

via Eurogamer & GameTrailers