‘The Pyramid’ Brings Mummy Curses To The Christmas Season

Senior Contributor

It’s been a while since we’ve had a movie about a killer mummy, so why not celebrate the holidays with a vicious monster? No, we don’t mean your racist aunt, we mean a bloodsucking ancient horror from within an Egyptian tomb, a far better companion.

The Pyramid actually looks like a straightforward creature feature dressed up with a little found-footage pretension although it sure looks like the movie drops that once you enter the titular building. It’s directed by Alexandre Aja’s longtime friend and coproducer Gregory Levasseur, and boy, it’s not shy about the cheese, either, right down to the sand trap you always find in Hollywood pyramids.

That said, if you’re a horror fan, your filmgoing options this December will be limited to this, Demonic and Paddington. So you’d better learn to love the cheese.

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